More Than a Restaurant

We’re more than a venue and, hell, we’re more than a restaurant. Ole Red is THE full country experience that will get your ass and your taste buds boot-scootin’ with what we like to call 100-proof live music, scratch-made dishes, and signature drinks…all inspired by the boss man himself: Blake Shelton.

Just show up. You’re gonna love what happens next.

Music So Good
You’ll Feel it Tomorrow

We don’t like to brag (yeah we do), but Ole Red has got the music. And we mean the good music. Get up close and personal with tomorrow’s and today’s country stars at Ole Red, where the hottest talent comes to play and where you’ll find the biggest sound on a small stage. Grab your drink, put on your dancing shoes, and cozy right up to the stage and say you heard them when.


Our stages are more than a place you come to try to talk and eat over the noise. These stages are built for a concert experience from your barstool. Think of it as being like a country music talent scout, but with cocktails. Artists choose Ole Red as a sounding board to connect with fans in a real way and we choose the best talent to launch them to new levels in their careers.


Have you ever been a part of someone’s big break? It happens all the time here at Ole Red, where the hottest new talent comes to polish their chops before everything changes forever. Every month we spotlight some of our top talent, and you can hear them here first and see them live, in person at Ole Red.


This place is for music-lovers, food-lovers, drink-lovers, and a helluva-lot-of-fun-lovers. Which, c’mon – is everyone! Ole Red, Opry Entertainment Group and all of our employees are proud to provide a platform for amazing music, incredible talent, and a venue and dining experience for guests that is welcoming and free of discrimination for all.

“It's always been a dream of mine to create something like this where people... they're going to have a good time as soon as they walk in the door.”

Blake Shelton