Rising Artists Neon Union Get a Big Surprise at Ole Red Nashville

2021 CMA Awards New Artist of the Year and Grand Ole Opry regular Jimmie Allen knows a thing or two about what makes good country music. That’s how Leo Brooks and Andrew Millsaps came to form Neon Union after pursuing solo music careers —  from Jimmie’s suggestion that the duo team up and sign to his management label JAB Entertainment. 

In fact, Jimmie thinks the duo works so well together that he booked them as an opener for his Down Home Tour in 2022 that kicked off in February. In preparation for the tour, Neon Union hit the stage at Ole Red Nashville as the resident artists for the month of January. So, it was no surprise when Jimmie joined them on the Ole Red stage for their last show before they hit the road on January 27 —  he took a moment to share their story and why they’re truly an extraordinary country music group.  

“We thought, why don’t we start a duo, but purposefully put a black guy and a white guy together,” shared Jimmie. ”It creates unity without having to talk about it. Their image grabs your attention, and then their music keeps your attention.” 

That’s when Jimmie surprised Brooks and Millsaps with the big announcement: an invitation to make their Grand Ole Opry debut on April 19, 2022. Both Brooks and Millsaps were at a loss for words for a few moments before they both gave Jimmie a hug —  we have to say we were too! You never know what could happen on a Friday night at Ole Red. We know who we’re watching at the Opry on April 19th —  get your tickets below to be there too. 

Just show up. You’re gonna love what happens next.  

Get your tickets to their debut: https://www.opry.com/artists/neon-union

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