Blake Shelton Gives Fans a Sweet Surprise at Nashville Airport

At Ole Red, you really never know who may take the stage – even at the airport. Boss Man Blake Shelton recently popped in to Terminal C to give fans a surprise visit. 

It was already a packed house at Ole Red on Saturday afternoon before Shelton showed up, but once the news got out, travelers (some just in Nashville for a quick layover) crowded around the venue, taking videos and waving through the window. After greeting fans, he stole the stage and gave an impromptu performance of his hit “Ol’ Red.”

“Believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve been into the Ole Red in the airport. And thank you guys for supporting us and coming in,” Shelton said.“I figured I couldn’t come into an Ole Red without singing ‘Ol’ Red’!” 

The local artist performing on stage at the time is longtime Ole Red favorite Morgan Alexander, who sang a catchy welcome to Shelton as he walked through the venue.

“Looks like we’ve got somebody here. He’s wearing a hat, that’s clear. That’s Blake. Oh, that’s Blake Shelton,” Alexander sung. “He’s right here in his brand new bar. Hey, that’s a country superstar. That’s Blake. That’s Blake Shelton.” 

When Shelton made it onto the stage, Alexander offered up his own guitar for Shelton to play. After his performance, Shelton exchanged the favor by giving Alexander another big surprise: a new Takamine guitar. 

(For those that may not know, Shelton has occasionally gifted his top contestants on The Voice the same guitar!)

“Thanks, Blake, I’ll send you that song I wrote for ya with the guitar,” Alexander wrote in an Instagram caption. 

This goes to show, Ole Red truly is Blake’s place to play. And, the Nashville Airport may host the Best. Layovers. Ever. 

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