Andrea Dozzi

An Australian native, born and raised into the performance world by her parents who were professional musician themselves, Andrea Dozzi, learned at a young age how to bring energy and charisma to her artistry, performance, and musicianship.
Forming her first band at the young age of 13, she knew she had found her calling. Andrea grew up with musicians parents. Influenced by their original music as well as her dad’s song writing style and her own love for Country and Pop, Andrea has crafted a unique originality of her own.
Andrea’s professional success began in Australia with her band ‘Dozzi’. Comprising of 3 Dozzi sisters, together they reached #1 at Australian Country radio with their single ‘I Need You Tonight’. In 2016, the sisters packed their bags to pursue their dreams in Nashville, TN.
Since being in the States, Dozzi has gained attention from Billboard Magazine with “The siblings’ impeccable harmonies” & Rolling Stone deemed their single “Fools” as one of the “10 Best Country Songs to Hear Now”.
In 2023, Andrea began her solo career and will be releasing her own project in 2024. With her unique ability to connect with her audience on and off stage, Andrea’s fanbase is loyal and unwavering. Her honesty, storytelling, and energy shines and continues to attract old and new fans to come.

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