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Annalyse & Ryan are an Americana duo. Their sound and songs take listeners on a soulful, rootsy journey. The duo’s strong harmonies melt together seamlessly, with an undeniable edge: a symbiotic clash reminiscent of their differing senses of place, yet their ironically parallel styles of seeing the world.

The duo’s latest release, an EP titled Trilogy, dropped on March 31, 2023 to all major streaming platforms. Trilogy is the first full band album for Annalyse & Ryan. A phenomenal group of musicians join A&R to create an uplifting, epic, and heartfelt EP. The project was produced by Justin Guip (Levon Helm, Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams, Hot Tuna) at Milan Hill Studio.

Their 2021 song, “Singing with Angels,” premiered in American Songwriter in October 2021. Its corresponding music video came out soon after, making its debut in The Bluegrass Situation. The song, an ode to the late music legend John Prine, begins on a personal note inspired by a chance meeting they had with the folk superstar in a grocery store in Nashville, TN, and expands into a sweeping chorus which declares that the late songwriter is now singing with the angels. Aside from this personal story, the tune speaks of the power and eternal quality of “The Song,” which lives on even after its creator has passed.

Annalyse McCoy grew up in the hills of eastern Kentucky, descended from the survivors and storytellers of the famous McCoy-Hatfield feud. A combination of pure genetics and the Appalachian culture in which she was fostered naturally brought about deep storytelling and true Country music tradition to Annalyse’s craft.

Ryan Dunn was raised on the New Jersey shore surfing and singing boardwalk doo-wop. The influence of the ocean and a respect and love for diversity and inclusion led to a native tendency in Ryan to create variegated and relatable grooves that resonate with all listeners. 

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