Douglas Warren Band

If you don’t know Christopher Douglas Warren you don’t get out in Nashville much. As a performer, he’s been lead vocalist for bands across the Midwest, New York City and Nashville. Douglas Warren leaves tourists with their mouths open in awe as his band performs weekly in Nashville’s hot spot Honky Tonk Row. His band gets twangy with outlaw country and progressively cranks it up as they throw in tunes from Led Zeppelin and AC/DC that sound right at home with his original songs. His EP, Every Little Bit, available online everywhere, features Mark Caldwell and Mark Poiesz — you know them as country star Tyler Farr’s bass player and drummer. In 2016, popular liquor brand Fireball started sponsoring Chris. And he just released the acoustic EP of the year, It’s My Life produced by Mark Caldwell, and featuring Billy Ray Cyrus’ guitar player Chris Condon.

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