Kelly and Sarah Finck

Kelly and Sarah are twin sisters and country music musicians. They have been singing and performing since they were small children. They both have been privately trained in classical voice and contemporary voice and have Bachelor’s Degrees’ in Music.

In 2020 after graduating college, the singer/songwriter duo uprooted from their small Illinois hometown to Nashville, TN where you can find them playing regularly at Ole Red on Broadway, as well as several other popular venues along Nashville’s most popular strip. As Recording Artists, Kelly and Sarah’s style draws from their small-town upbringing to fashion a flair of their own. If you like rich harmonies and creative lyrics, you would enjoy Kelly and Sarah.

They have released 5 singles since July 2022 called “Float,” “Wild Like Waylon,” “Heading to the Country,” “Going Crazy,” and “Kiss You Again.” These 5 songs have all been aired on the radio in Europe this year! Check these out on your music streaming service or download it now by heading over to the “Music” tab. Kelly and Sarah are working to release more backroad, cowboy chasing, outlaw loving music.

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