Old Hickory

Blending three unique backgrounds with rich, triple harmony and a modern-organic philosophy, River House Artists’ country group Old Hickory is a brand-new trio with a timeless, all-natural soul, ready to revive one of Nashville’s lost tenants. Comprised of North Carolina’s Andy Austin, Ohio’s Dan Alley, and Kentucky’s Timothy Baker, the three vocalist/guitarists look to the harmony-laced groups country past for inspiration – from Shenandoah and Alabama to Restless Heart and Rascal Flatts – along with Brad Paisley’s electrifying energy and the mystique of bluegrass. Adding it together with their own flavor, they are now emerging as a vocal group for a new era. After first meeting in late 2019, the trio began experimenting with acoustic gigs, backing each other with casual but crystalline harmony and an easy connection. Adopting the Nashville-inspired name Old Hickory, the trio finally made it official in early 2023, starting a popular, twice-weekly gig at the famous Scoreboard Bar & Grill and writing songs for an upcoming debut, Tuesday Nights at Scoreboard. Aiming for a refreshing mix of up-tempos anthems, easy-going charmers, and the occasional broken-down ballad – all-embracing the rich warmth of ‘90s country and steeped in harmony – the trio will continue performing in the capital of country music as those original songs take shape.

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