Rob Riser

Rob Riser is a Nashville based artist originally from the upstate Adirondack region of Upstate New York.
As a young kid, Rob used to tell everyone he wanted to change the world. He fell in love with music after experiencing the power it can have to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Music saved his life and he wanted to do the same for others. He started writing songs and playing guitar at the age of 14 and made the leap to doing music full-time in 2019. After years of fronting cover bands like Whiskey Highway, Rob relocated to Nashville in 2019 and is now fully focused on being an artist and releasing original material.

His debut single The Challenger was released August of 2020 on all platforms. His next release was love song My Promise in March ‘22 followed by the fun summer anthem Get Down Girl in May ‘22. Get Down Girl is an upbeat song to dance to and in Rob’s words it’s “written for women and to be empowering, not written about them and talking down to them.” A newer, more rock anthem version of The Challenger was released that summer followed by the inspiring song Here I Am which featured Rob on lead guitar as well. His latest single Dear God, is about those days in life where you just need a sign from up above. Rob takes pride in writing all of his music by himself the same way his heroes did.

Rob is honored to be a PRS Guitars Pulse Artist for 2023

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