Steel Ivory

Steel Ivory, a captivating pop country singer-songwriter duo hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, is making waves with their enchanting harmonies, authentic songwriting, and infectious melodies. Comprising sisters Kayleigh and Kristin, the duo has shared the stage with notable artists like Scotty McCreery, Tyler Farr, Abby Anderson, and Richie McDonald from Lonestar. Their journey began in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, where, armed with acoustic guitars and their voices, they played cover songs at local venues. Music was an integral part of their upbringing, with their father being a full-time musician who introduced them to the piano and provided their first guitars.

The duo’s multifaceted talent extends beyond songwriting, as evidenced by their music video for “Thank God for That,” featured on and aired on The Country Network. Steel Ivory is on an upward trajectory, establishing themselves not just as singer-songwriters but as accomplished artists and entertainers. Follow their musical journey on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok for an exciting glimpse into the promising future that lies ahead.

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