The New Things We’re Eating and Drinking at The Lookout This Fall


Don’t miss these limited-time menu items. We’ve even got a charcuterie board that’ll make your truck look small.

Southern Renegade Charcuterie

We’ve hit the mother lode. Our Southern Renegade Charcuterie board is piled high with [clears throat and takes long, drawn-out breath] locally cured ham, smoked bologna, cherry cola salami (we’re wild), spicy ranch pork rinds, pimento cheese, buttermilk cheddar, pickled green tomatoes, bourbon-smoked peanuts, blackberry jam, and Tennessee honey. We saw a couple of meatheads trying to bench press with this cheeseboard once. Dunno about that. We just recommend eating it. If you’re looking for a vegetarian version, our smaller Cheeses and Fixin’s board will do the trick.

Sweet Chili Brussels Sprouts

If there were ever a vegetable that we misjudged as kids, it’s the Brussels sprout. Didn’t mean to do you like that, friend. These sprouts are coated in a sweet Asian-style glaze before getting tossed with sesame seeds and spicy chili peppers. Don’t knock ’em before you pop ’em — in your mouth, that is.

Nashville Shepherd’s Pie

People let you down, but meat and potatoes never do. The Lookout’s shepherd’s pie is the ultimate comfort dish with a Nashville twist. Before putting it into this classic meat pie, we toss our chicken with a touch of our signature Nashville hot seasoning. But if heat ain’t your thing, fear not: The smashed potatoes mellow out the spice a bit. As we head into “cuffing season” – that time of year when everybody starts coupling up for long, cold winter — we’ll be cozying up with dish. No regrets.

Smoked Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Sure, you could go tailgate in a parking lot, or you can get your tail up to The Lookout for our monstrous Smoked Pulled Chicken Sandwich topped with vinegar slaw and barbecue sauce. We’ll fight you over the last cool ranch-spiced potato chip, kettle-cooked in house!

Roasted Pumpkin Salad

Promise we didn’t sprinkle pumpkin spice on this one. You’ve got a lot of fun flavors jockeying for the lead in this colorful, filling salad. We love the crunch of the Napa cabbage and pepitas, and the subtle sweetness of the sorghum vinaigrette that balances out the tanginess of the goat cheese.

Meatballs and Potatoes

We’re all about some spaghetti, but every once in a while, you got to shake things up. Our are meatballs and potatoes are hearty, a good dish to drown your sorrows when your football team blows the lead … again. The meatballs’ savory flavors hit you first, and then the sweet, sweet glaze captures the heart of your taste buds. Game over.

Goo Goo Cluster Brownie

Nashville can claim the rights to world’s first-ever combination candy bar, the Goo Goo Cluster. As the story goes, the inventor of the Goo Goo Cluster got the name from a woman on his train car who remarked that the chocolatey, peanut-filled treat was “so good, people will ask for it from birth!” Our Goo Goo Cluster Brownie features all the things you love about the candy bar and is topped with caramel and crème anglaise. We’ve got a contraband version too…

Cocktail: Unshaken

If you’ve been to The Lookout in warmer months, you know how refreshing our Unshaken cocktail is. It’s gotten a fall makeover, and we’re swapping the flavor of cucumber for pear, one of our favorite cool-weather fruits. The drink’s lemon-flavored gin is light and drinkable, even if you’re not typically a big fan of gin’s botanical profile.

Cocktail: Verboten

Balance out your consumption of pumpkin spice lattes with our take on an old fashioned, the Verboten. Bourbon will keep you warm, and cinnamon and rosemary syrup will give you all the holiday feels, minus the mall traffic and awkward family photos.

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