Larry Frick

Larry Frick, from Louisburg NC, is a singer and songwriter who has a voice and writing style that is steeped in the rich traditions of music. The traditions that weave stories and emotions into the very fabric of the songs that he writes and sings. Larry started performing on horseback at a Rodeo in Raleigh NC and was quickly approached by the legendary Longbranch Saloon about putting a band together and playing on Friday nights. That was the beginning of a now almost 20 year career of writing, recording and performing. Larry has put out four albums, played countless shows at some of the nations biggest and best venues, bars, and festivals, and has shared the stage with some of music’s biggest names. Making new music, preserving the history of music, and seamlessly blending the two. People may try to label it but Larry Frick is carving his own niche into the fabric of music

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