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Monday, February 7

Bailey Callahan

11 AM 3 PM

JC Andersen Band

3:30 PM7:30 PM

Nick Hickman


About the Artists

Bailey Callahan

Bailey Callahan reigns from sunny Florida and now makes Nashville her home – a vibrant young woman who lives in the moment but most definitely has a plan for the future. In the last two years, she has played more than 300 dates sharing stages with some of country music’s hottest names and selling out shows of her own.

Her highly anticipated album, “The A & B Sides” released earlier this summer helped put Callahan on the music industry’s radar. Getting recognition from Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, and Spotify to name a few.

“It’s no surprise with influences like Jason Isbell, Eric Church, and Bonnie Raitt that Callahan would have an affinity for the power of evocative songwriting.” – Delia Rowland American Songwriter 

JC Andersen Band

Nick Hickman

For most artists trying to break in the entertainment industry, authenticity is the ultimate goal.  While many artists search for a certain image or brand, rarely an artist will come along who seemingly doesn’t have to try to create this, he just is.  Nick Hickman is such an artist. A modern country act hailing from Knoxville, TN, this now-Nashville-based singer-songwriter doesn’t try to mimic anything out there, and instead delivers a high-energy, genuine performance tempering a passionate show with heartfelt and genuine lyrics that are insanely catchy and singable.  “What you see is what you get,” Hickman says. “I do not edit myself, I do not censor myself. I am just me.” It is exactly this unapologetic and real personality that draws so many to nick’s music.

Perhaps most refreshing, aside from Hickman’s talent and ability, is his work ethic.  Anyone who knows nick personally knows the extent of his drive and his unwillingness to settle for anything less than top of the game.

“I want to sell out arenas, I want twenty #1s, I want to play 200 dates a year, I want to be a member of the grand ole opry, I want an ACM award and a Grammy.  I will not stop or sleep until I have all of them. I do not care what it takes, what sacrifices have to be made, or how long.”

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